Titles Take Time – 90% of the Time

Spend 50% of your time on the title

And you’ve just wasted 50% of your time!

Spend at least 70% to 90% of article development time on the title.
If you don’t, you’ve just wasted the time spent on the article body.
No one will read it – because no one will see it.

All Eyez on Me

“All Eyez on Me” – is what titles say. And they are not far wrong.

The title is the most eye-balled piece of real-estate on a web page. We’ll show you that over 90% of eyeballs are reading nothing else but your page title.

  1. on the Google Search screen
  2. On Site’s that link to your page
  3. on other internally linked pages
  4. in their favourite and bookmark tabs
  5. when they arrive on your page

The title is the doorway to the page. You are short changing yourself if the title is an afterthought. I jot down article thoughts in draft format. But I never start writing the article in anger until the title hits me hard and sends me reeling.

Web Page Title Winner is the Man who Lives in a Boeing!

20 Stupendous Titles to help you Learn the art of title carving – By Example

100 ➙ 1,000 Title-Backed Backlinks

No traffic laden web page has less than 100 backlinks on other sites pointing to it. Are you starting to get the picture? Let me spell it out for you.

What % of Words are Title

100 web page (minimum) carry your title (in some shape or form).
The average for a successful web page is 1000 external website back links.
Let’s do the math for a 5 and 10 word title.
We’ll base the percentages on a (fairly big) 700 word article.

  1. 5 word title x 100 links (min) ➔ 500 words so 500/1,200 ➜ 40% is title
  2. 5 word title x 1000 (av) ➔ 1,000 words so 1,000/1,700 ➜ 60% is title
  3. 10 word title x 100 (min) ➔ 1,000 words so 1,000/1,700 ➜ 60% is title
  4. 10 word title x 1000 (av) ➔ 10,000 words so 10,000/10,700 ➜ 90%+ is title

90% Words are of Title Origin

Your article has 700 words on your web page.
Successful articles have 1,000 links on external websites.
That’s 10,000 words that are being eye-balled constantly
(assuming a 10 word title length)

90% of the online words orbiting a successful article originate from the title.
Many will read your title (externally) and won’t visit your page.
This means over 99% of words eye-balled are title words.

99% Read the Title, 1% Read the Body

It’s worth repeating. The words in online articles that actually get read, originate from

  1. the title of the article
  2. the body of the article

Due to syndication, 99% of eyeballs read your title words. 1% read the body.
So if you thought the title could be an afterthought, think again.

A title, your title, is the be all and end all of your web page. If you don’t get that right, all the time you spend on the article body is a colossal waste of your time.

Make your articles live by the title.
Fail, and they will die by the title.

Title Related

Great Titles ➜ Learn By Example

There’s no better way to learn the craft of carving great titles – than by example.
Start with our list of the “Top 20 Best Web Page Titles”.

The Best Web Page Title - "Is he plane stupid?"

The #1 title in our Top 20 list of Great Titles. “Is he plane stupid?” – The Man who Lives in a Boeing 747

Our #1 title is this one.

Is he plane stupid ✈ the man who lives in a Boeing 747

If you know of a title worthy of the Top 20 list – send it in, we’ll happily dislodge (dismember) the worst of the best. And your title can take one of those coveted top 20 spots.

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