How to Understand the Array of WordPress Settings

WordPress site settings like the Blogmame, Admin Email, Use Smilies, Mailserver Url, Close Comments Days Old and more are explained here. These WordPress settings are vital for security, SEO, maintainability, and usability. The multi-themed (multi-site) WordPress install is what switches on this bountiful configuration settings screen.

WordPress Settings Url (Network Admins Only)

Access the WordPress sites settings screen using the below URL (EASIEST WAY).
Change to your website’s url.


So for this website the URL is as below.

If you prefer to navigate there then click in the top black WordPress Admin Bar

  • My Sites
  • Network Admin
  • Sites then the
  • 4th tab (settings)

Now you are ready to run through the settings. Use the below table to guide your options.

2 Settings Pages in WordPress Admin

WordPress has 2 settings pages (Confused?) – Most beginners just use the Settings menu option at the bottom of the left navigation bar. Those settings are NOT described here The Settings listed below are the most important.

WordPress Settings Admin Email, Use Smilies, Mail …

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