Why is DMoz so Important?

DMoz Submissions – What’s all the fuss

DMoz is the most important (by far) submission you will make for a site. Why? Because DMoz is the only directory that have real human beings eyeball a website. All other directories just let you bang in the usual fields. A few will use automated crawlers to perform some basic checking.

A human being has seen your site and given it an Okay – that is worth so much – which is why Google, Bing, Alexa .. you name it – will pull down data from DMoz every couple of weeks. If Google spots your site in the DMoz directory – much risk that robots find hard to mitigate – has been mitigated. Your rank goes up a notch or two.

£2,000 in AdWords advertising Per Month

This is a ball park figure to get across how important DMoz is. The DMoz effect is cumulative. So Alexa (from Amazon) read DMoz and combine it with their own data to rank a site.
dmoz directory submission acceptance text

DMoz Directory Submit Url Select Category of Website
Then Google reads DMoz, and then it reads Alexa (which has already read DMoz) – and Google combines this with their own data to rank your site. This kind of cumulative effect can bring you the same traffic in organic searches as a healthy sized AdWords budget would.

When you Don’t Need DMoz

If you are not reliant on organic search traffic (a goal worth attaining) – then the importance of DMoz shrinks. If you’ve got all the traffic you need from a healthy referrals base, or through direct channels, DMoz begins to look like an added extra.

But if you don’t – DMoz looms large. Good luck with your submission. Now onwards to the 13 mistakes that disqualify DMoz submissions.

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