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When a comment contains any of these words in its content, name, URL, e-mail, or IP, it will be marked as spam. One word or IP per line. It will match inside words, so “press” will match “WordPress”.

The wording is poor on this WordPress discussion setting “configuration option”.

Does “One word or IP per line” mean 1 Word?

Straight answer – no it doesn’t. But also note that

  • You can string together a number of words on the line.
  • Do NOT use one or a small number of words – you could be blasting away valid comments
  • If you test this feature don’t do it as an administrator because it will ignore the config setting and approve the comment (maybe leading you to think that multiple words does not work)
  • Avoid meta characters and punctuation (WordPress isn’t the sharpest tool in the box)
  • unfortunately adding a string after the horse has bolted (after the event) will not weed out spam already in the pipeline

When building your first few WordPress sites you are understandably reluctant to dive in and grab a plugin. This is wise because most plugins cause more harm than good.

As your website gets bigger you will need a more robust spam filter for comments but take your time deciding and in the meantime – this configuration setting will blast most spam comments away.

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