WordPress Theme and Plugin Watch | The Good and the Bad of WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress Theme and Plugin Hell

High cloud costs from resource usage, damaged reputation, blacklisted, data loss, days spent firefighting, and months of good SEO practices gone down the drain – thanks to reputation sapping backlinks you never even knew you had.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Heaven

The themes and plugins concept when working well, deliver plug and play functionality that would previously have taken a software developer weeks (if not months) to implement.

Information on WordPress Themes and Plugins

Due to the underhand methods employed by plugin and theme builders – we keep a list of good and bad features on both themes and plugins.

Our list tells you about

– the backlinks being created under your nose by the software
– the “privacy intrusion” element that disturb peaceful word pressing (eg Yoast)
– issues once detected in the 8 most common downsides of WordPress plugins

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