WP-SES Plugin

WP-SES redirects All outgoing WordPress emails through Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) instead of local wp_mail function. This ensures high email delivrability, email trafic statistics and a powerful managed infrastructure.

This plugin is functionnal and I use it on several websites. WPMU features are so far experimental.

Current features are:

Ability to adjust WordPress Default Sender Email and Name
Validation of Amazon API Credentials
Request confirmation for sender Emails
Test message within Amazon Sandbox mode
Full integration as seamless replacement for wp_mail internal function
Dasboard panel with Quota and statistics
Ability to customize return path for delivery failure notifications
Custom Reply-To or from Headers
Default config values for centralised WPMU setups
SES Endpoint selection
Mails with attachments (Compatible with Contact Form 7)
File logging feature (may be verbose and unsecure, do not use as is in production for a long period of time)
See full features at http://wp-ses.com/features.html


Graphical SES Statistics
Full featured Error management
Control of sending rate
Notice for volume limits
Bounce and blacklist management
You can read more about Amazon SES here : http://aws.amazon.com/ses/ This plugin uses the Amazon Simple Email Service PHP class at http://sourceforge.net/projects/php-aws-ses/

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